Final Project Proposal

For my final project I will be reporting on what Boston-area scientists are doing to protect their research and data for future generations.

The article and the video will focus on organizations and people who are working to protect data, to come up with new policies, and to educate the public about science in this new climate denying era (for example: Data Rescue Boston, Boston universities, and other scientific institutions such as the Museum of Science and Boston Scientific). While I am interested in the organizations, I plan to focus more on the work is being done and what progress can be made despite the administration. The video will take a similar approach to the story. I already have plans to attend a Data Rescue Boston meeting this Thursday night and I have reached out to the other organizations and universities to set up interviews in the next few weeks.

For my photo story I will be covering an event Data Rescue Boston is holding at Northeastern called #DataRescue for Climate Learning and Action on Friday March 24. The event will bring scientists, data analysts, journalists, programmers, and anyone who is an advocate for science to work on archiving federal environmental data and making media campaigns for scientist marches occurring in April. In my photo story I will be focusing on the work being done as well as the individuals at the event and what brought them there.


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